Within hours, Google will cut off its services from millions of phones


Few hours left for Google to stop mapping services, YouTube and Gmail for a number of users.

According to the British newspaper, The Sun, starting tomorrow, Monday, September 27, Google will stop its three applications from millions of phone users in the world, and users will be banned.

And it adds, affected devices are running Android 2.3, which was released years ago, and will lose the Go Gel features unless they are updated if possible, or replaced if not.

“The decision is part of our ongoing efforts to keep our users safe,” the search giant said in a statement.

He emphasized, older versions of operating systems are more prone to errors and hacks, and the latest OS versions are Android 11.

Google Inc. plans to buy an office building in New York City’s Manhattan borough for $2.1 billion as part of its move to strengthen its physical presence in the city.

The company has decided to activate the option to purchase the St. John’s Terminal building in Manhattan as part of its plan to invest more than $ 250 million this year in its New York City real estate, as Google already rents this building, Bloomberg News Agency quoted Ruth Porat, the company’s chief financial officer, as saying.

Recently, the DuckDuckGo search engine has gained popularity in the recent period after users are increasingly concerned about their privacy while browsing the Internet.

DuckDuckGo promotes itself as the perfect alternative to Google’s search engine.


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