Within 36 days .. 43 phones will stop the WhatsApp application permanently


A group of news reports that were published recently revealed that the WhatsApp company stopped the work of its application on a group of smartphones after 36 days from the date of the decision, and the reports added that the company would stop the work of the application on about 43 versions of smartphones. The old versions, and among the versions that were revealed, were phones running Android and iOS, and according to reports, the application’s work on those phones will be discontinued by next November.

Disable WhatsApp on some phones

The reports indicated that some smartphones, which the decision of WhatsApp to influence through its latest decision, where the company stated that it will stop the application on phones running the Android operating system version 4.0.4 and versions before it, and the application will be stopped on the iPhone phones that It is running iOS 9 and earlier, as it is one of the old phones that are no longer used by large numbers of users in the current period, and the reports revealed the list of phones on which the application will be stopped, as follows:

  • Android phones list:
  1. Galaxy S3 Mini
  2. Trend II
  3. Trend Lite
  4. Core
  5. Samsung Ace 2
  6. LG Optimus F7
  7. F5
  8. L3 II Dual
  9. F7 II
  10. F5 II from the drill
  11. And a Sony Xperia phone
  12. Huawei Ascend Mate and Ascend D2 phones
  13. List of iPhone phones: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus
Disable WhatsApp on some phones
Disable WhatsApp on some phones

WhatsApp is currently trying to develop a great feature for users, which is the ability to convert voice messages into written messages, through which you can read voice messages instead of hearing them, especially if you want to see them in a business meeting or in a place that does not allow you to listen to messages.


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