Windows 11 gets a redesigned photo app


I started Microsoft is testing a new Photos app for Windows 11. Like many other parts of Windows, the Photos app has been redesigned to fit the new operating system, with minor improvements that help when clicking on a group of photos or videos.

The biggest addition is the new movie strip at the bottom of the image viewer. It shows small thumbnails of all the photos in a specific folder, group, or album.

This makes it easy to navigate between them, or select multiple photos to access the new Multi View user interface.

Multi-viewing is a new feature, where you can compare a set of images in a single window. This is useful if you have a lot of similar photos and you want to quickly select the photos to keep or discard.

Although, the Photos app in Windows 10 does not have a particularly busy user interface. Microsoft simplified it a bit in Windows 11.

You can dismiss the new image bar or image editing toolbars by clicking on images, and scrolling between images without any distractions in the user interface. This is activated by selecting multiple items from the image bar at the bottom of the image viewer.

An updated image editing toolbar makes it very easy to make adjustments to your images, and includes some extras. Like crop, rotate, view metadata, like your favorite photos, and even draw on your photos with your mouse or stylus across supported devices.

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Windows 11 includes a new Photos app

Microsoft adds quick access to third-party photo editors installed on a device.

This is enabled by extensions, with applications such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShip Pro, and Affinity Photo supporting this integration. This is to take advantage of artistic templates, AI-powered effects, a wide range of tools, and graphic design capabilities.

And the company has not yet fixed the video trimmer. And if you have a video captured at 60 frames per second, it still goes to 30 frames per second if you use the crop tool in the new Photos app in Windows 11.

This app is still in beta. So things may change by the time it becomes fully available in Windows 11.

With the redesigned Photos app, we aim to make it faster, easier and more fun for you to bring your photos to life and edit across Windows 11. The redesigned Photos app includes many changes and improvements to try.

It seems that the company is planning to roll it out to Windows 11 users after its launch on the fifth of October. AndIf you’re a tester of the new OS on the Dev channel, the updated Photos app is now available for testing.

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