Will the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo be a problem for Manchester United?


Could Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival be a problem for Manchester United? .. At first glance, no, but some things may affect the rest of the team, and become a source of inconvenience to coach Solskjaer.
In principle, no problem, as Ronaldo was the mainstay in two matches, including the victory over Newcastle in the English Premier League, and the defeat in the Champions League against the Swiss Young Boys, but this does not mean ignoring the risks arising from his return.
These risks are not related to Ronaldo, but to the rest of the players, which was commented on by his former teammate at Manchester United, Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov, who played with him for only one season.
Berbatov, in a press interview, asked to put himself in the place of Cavani, who was the heart of the main attack last season, and now he is on the bench, a fuse that must be carefully removed by the coach, otherwise it will have negative consequences for the environment and for the rest of the team.
“I’m not surprised by Ronaldo’s immediate impact at United, an influence that will only increase as the season progresses, but I hope the coach has had an honest conversation with Cavani about his plans for the team,” Berbatov said, adding that the technical situation was not clever in the Swiss defeat.


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