Why do type 1 diabetics need insulin?


Why do type 1 diabetics need insulin?

Citizen – Mohammed Daoud – Jeddah

Endocrinology and diabetes consultant, Dr. Abdul-Momen bin Muhammad, confirmed that children with type 1 diabetes need insulin, unlike the second type, which is treated with medications.

Type 1 diabetes treatment:

And in statements to Citizen “In type 1 diabetes, the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas gland, which are called beta cells, are damaged, as the immune system fights these cells for some reason, believing that they are foreign to the body, and they must be fought, and when these cells are destroyed, insulin production stops and the level of sugar in the blood rises. significantly.

And if a person with insulin is not treated, he may be subject to complications that may reach death, God forbid, and the beta cells that have been destroyed will not return to work again, and therefore there is no treatment for this type of diabetes, except insulin treatment and there is no other alternative treatment such as pills. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with pills.

Beta cell breakdown:

He added that if we look at the role of pills used in the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes and not type 1 diabetes, we will find that they are divided into two groups, the first group of pills, which increase the effectiveness of insulin-secreting beta cells, and the second group of pills that increase sensitivity of receptors Insulin hormone present on the surface of different cells of the body, and both groups are not useful for patients Type 1 diabetes , due to the destruction of beta cells, and thus its activation and safety of insulin receptors in the first type, unlike what we find in the second type of this disease.

High glucose

He pointed out that diabetes results from a defect in the body’s ability to represent sugary and starchy materials for energy, due to the lack or absence of the hormone insulin, after these substances are transformed inside the body into simple sugars, the most important of which is glucose, the cells of the body cannot burn this glucose to get Energy, which consequently leads to a rise in blood glucose, and accordingly a frequent desire to urinate appears to get rid of the excess sugar that comes out with urine and shows a feeling of thirst, and body weight may decrease as a result of depriving it of energy and increase appetite for food.

Avoid fast food:

Dr. Bin Muhammad advised community members, especially children, to eat healthy food and limit fast food and soft drinks, as they are all causes of obesity and increase calories. With weight gain and obesity, the individual’s vulnerability to acquired diabetes is great, and care must be taken to exercise daily or at least five days in A week equals 150 minutes. Also, avoid eating when using electronic devices or watching TV.

Type 1 diabetes

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