Who is the husband who betrayed Sherine Reda… Amr Diab or the Saudi businessman?


Egyptian actress Sherine Reda made controversial statements about her infidelity from her close friend, which raised questions about the identity of the cheating husband, especially since she was married twice in her life: the first to the Egyptian star Amr Diab and the second to the Saudi businessman Sultan Kamal Adham.

Reda was first associated with the Egyptian star Amr Diab in 1989, and their marriage lasted only three years, and resulted in their daughter Nour.

In a previous television interview, Reda confirmed that she did not regret marrying at an early age, but admitted that she had failed in the marriage. She made it clear that she could not say that Diab was a failure, especially that he was successful in everything he was doing, but they failed as a couple, and she was a failure in her views.

She explained that they decided to separate, and that the friendship still continues between them until now.

And Reda married for the second time to Saudi businessman Sultan Kamal Adham, for one year only. But she did not reveal the reason for the separation, stressing that she did not like to talk about it because of his death, saying: “God have mercy on him. I can’t say anything.”

She indicated that Adham died at a young age, and that she mourned him for a long time.


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