When will “Corona” end and has its severity decreased? doctor answer


Cardiovascular specialist Dr. Muhammad Al-Asmy confirmed that the world is on its way to salvation from the Corona virus.

Al-Asmy said, during an episode of the “MBC Week” program, that the results that have been achieved in the recent period are very impressive and are improving.

He added that the beginnings of the emergence of the Corona virus and the intense terror that accompanied it and the obligation to sit at home, before things became better, due to the development of prevention matters, and the development of our understanding of the virus as well as the provision of anti-virus vaccines.

He explained that the invention of the vaccine gave us the powerful tool to resist the virus, and break its severity.

Al-Asimi confirmed that the vaccine contributed significantly to reducing the number of severe infections with the Corona virus.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health announced today the registration of (39) new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19), and the registration of (6) deaths, may God have mercy on them.

She added that (50) recovery cases were also recorded, bringing the total number of recovered cases to (535,892) cases, praise be to God.

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