What is the truth about the death of Sabah Fakhri and Mayada al-Hinnawi?


Today, Sunday, the Syrian Artists Syndicate refuted the news of the death of artists Sabah Fakhri and Mayada Al-Hanawi.

The union explained this in two separate publications through its account on the “Facebook” website, and said in the first, “The great artist Sabah Fakhri is fine and there is no truth to the rumors of his death, after communicating with him by phone and making sure that he is fine.”

And she wrote in the second: “The great artist Mayada Al-Hanawi is fine and there is no truth to the rumors of her death, after communicating with her by phone and making sure that she is fine.”

The Syndicate noted that any news that was not issued by the Artists Syndicate is false.

It is noteworthy that the artist Sabah Fakhri, born in Aleppo 1933, was awarded the Syrian Order of Merit of the Excellent Class in 2007, and also held several positions. In Venezuela for 10 hours without a break in 1968.

And the artist Mayada Al-Hanawi, born (October 8, 1959) in the city of Aleppo, was called the “singer of the generation” and was ranked in the first row among Arab singers.


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