What is behind the redeployment of the Lebanese army units in the suburb and a number of areas?


1 hour ago

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Beirut – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: The Lebanese army carried out a redeployment operation in a number of Lebanese regions, according to what was stated in a tweet by the Lebanese army, in order to “reduce the economic burdens on the army and relieve them on the shoulders of the military.”

The army added, “The units continue to set up observation points in all areas and are working to conduct patrols and carry out security-keeping missions.”

It was reported that the army withdrew its soldiers from the entrances to the southern suburbs and suddenly dismantled the concrete partitions, due to a dispute with Hezbollah.

The authenticity of this information and the extent to which it is related to the entry of Iranian diesel tanks into Hezbollah’s areas of influence has not been confirmed.


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