Werner can shine alongside Lukaku


Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel confirmed today, Tuesday, that striker Timo Werner is gaining confidence, and showed that he can benefit from the partnership with other striker Lukaku.
While newcomer Lukaku started his career with the London club strongly, scoring four goals, Werner has yet to open his scoring record this season, after a disappointing performance in the 2020-2021 season, where he scored six goals in the league.The German striker lost his place in the starting lineup after Lukaku joined, but he participated as a substitute to play alongside the Belgian striker.

Tuchel said it could prove crucial when Chelsea meet Aston Villa in the League Cup on Wednesday.

“He gave us a clear impression of how dangerous it is to be together with Romelu,” the German coach told reporters. “There was disappointment with the European Championship and the first matches, and I don’t think he was happy with his level.”

He added: “There are things that you don’t see in training, he has become more relaxed and flexible in his movements, he has gained more confidence, that is why he participated early against Tottenham, and there are clear signs that he is in good shape, and he can prove it.”

He continued: “Timo was in better positions, he was in dangerous positions around Romelu, he made a goal, he moved intelligently, he became free and makes decisions with more confidence, I hope he can put pressure on himself, and maintain that momentum.”


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