Watch .. Tim Hassan confronts ISIS in “The Prestige Mountain”, and what did Uwais Makhalati comment on?


Posted by the Syrian star Tim Hassan Through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, the first promotional promo for the fifth and final part of the “Al-Hiba” series, which is titled “prestige mountain” The promo featured Tim Hassan, the Lebanese singer Aimee Sayah, and the Syrian star Abdel Moneim Amayri.

The star, Tim Hassan, seemed to explain to Aimee about the nature of the battle, as it seemed that there were confrontations between him and the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

And the first promotional promo carried an indication that major confrontations would be between Tim andAbdel Moneim Amayri He recently joined the business and plays the character “Wadih”.

In turn, Tim commented on the video with a sentence of those he would say in the series and said: “I am here, a leader… and the leader in the battle will not be able to reduce the value of his opponent…”.

Tim pointed out that the show is approaching, as he wrote: “The prestige is a mountain” soon.

The video was admired by many followers and colleagues of the Syrian star, who wished him success in work, including Ayman Abdel Salam, Talal Mardini and others.

It was remarkable the comment of the Syrian artist, who is away from the series Oyss my pickles On the video, he commented: “All the best, my brother.”

Owais had refrained from participating in the fifth and final part of the series after disputes with the producing company, where pictures of the grave of the character “Sakhr” performed by him spread, which indicates that the fifth part will begin with the death of the character, while the two stars Abdel Moneim Amayri and Aimee Sayah joined the championship of this part in addition to To the main protagonists of the action.

Director Samer Al-Barqawi had confirmed in a previous statement that the events of “The Prestige Mountain” will be of a high degree of suspense and excitement.

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