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With the rise in temperatures, sunglasses become a necessity in various daytime looks, and despite their extreme importance in the summer under the scorching sun, this does not negate the necessity of using them in autumn and winter days.

The reason is to wear glasses to protect the eyes from cold air currents that may be accompanied by rain at times, so here are the most beautiful models of sunglasses in warm earthy colors, fashion fall 2021, to use in your elegant autumn looks, according to (Madam).Acne Studios sunglasses

Sunglasses from Acne Studios Acne Studios brand presented many attractive designs of sunglasses in warm earthy colors, fashion fall 2021, we liked this design of sunglasses with an oversized frame in light yellow, it came with gray lenses, with green metal arms Dark, for a more modern and attractive look.Burberry sunglasses

Burberry beige sunglasses For a modern and bold look, Burberry presented this attractive design, for sunglasses in earthy colors, as the glasses came with beige frames with a large design, with large transparent white lenses, while the arms of the glasses were designed in the same color as the frames, with a wide design And neat.

Del Core sunglasses

Sunglasses in gray and dark green from Del Core If you are looking for an elegant design that combines modernity and sophistication, the Del Core brand introduced this distinctive design of sunglasses in earthy colors, fashion fall 2021, with round lenses, in dark green, with A wide frame with a cat eye design, in light gray, and the arms of the glasses are also designed in a light gray color.

Max Mara sunglasses

Max Mara sunglasses, the design is more luxurious and elegant, suitable for working hours or official meetings, Max Mara presented this design for large square brown sunglasses, designed with brown lenses, with “tiger” frames in shades of dark brown and brown Camel, with arms designed in the same color as the wheels, giving you a more elegant and luxurious look.


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