Watch.. a restaurant drowning in the Nile and customers eating dinner


An Egyptian restaurant floating in the Nile overturned on its side this Thursday evening, and began to sink at a time when its customers were eating dinner, according to what reported from urgent news received by Egyptian news sites, which stated that the restaurant is located in the “Lower Walk” area in the city Mansoura, and to him the fastest rescue team members evacuated customers and began searching for the drowned and possible wounded.

However, one of the sources confirmed, until the time of publication of the information that appeared 15 minutes before midnight, Egyptian time, that the accident caused 3 citizens to suffer scattered bruises, and that everyone got out of the boat safely, and it turned out that the owner of the boat is called “Ahmed Ezzat” and it is known. For the people of Mansoura.

And the “Dakahlia Security Directorate” had received a report of the delinquency of the Stasia Restaurant and Cafe about its floating place in the Nile, and the fall of a number of those inside it in the river’s water, even during attempts by the civil protection and river rescue forces to control the situation, in solidarity with ambulances and detective officers, who found They have a severe tendency in the restaurant “as a result of the columns carrying the boat falling into the river’s water”, which caused a number of people in the restaurant to fall into the water.


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