Washington Zoo .. Lions and tigers infected with the Corona virus recover


وقال veterinarians The lions and tigers in Smithsonian Zoo National in Washington She is getting better after all infected with the virus Corona last week.

The zoo’s chief veterinarian, Donald Nefer, said on Friday that lions and tigers may have contracted the disease COVID-19 From one of the zookeepers who had the disease without showing symptoms and then transferred to a large number of them.

Nefer added that Zoo I noticed that the black Andtigers She was sick because the lions and tigers were moving with difficulty and not eating well, according to Reuters.

“I think until last Thursday we only had one animal with a lack of appetite,” said the zoo’s chief veterinarian. “But it wasn’t something to intervene quickly.”

After testing the lions and tigers and giving them different treatments for symptoms of the virus that causes the COVID-19 epidemic, she is now recovering and will be fine soon.


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