Video: A Tesla car undergoes a “dive” test


Gruber Motor Company has conducted a strange experiment on the Tesla S, which is one of the fastest cars ever, accelerating from 0-60 mph in less than two seconds.

The company prepared the car to completely immerse it in an industrial water pool for this purpose, in Arizona, as it put an insulating layer to prevent water leakage in the ground, in addition to that it equipped the car to resist water, that is, it made modifications to it to prevent water from leaking into it by blocking the holes and ventilation outlets. and others with special materials.

The driver was also equipped with proper snorkeling gear in the cabin, as the car journeyed 90 feet under 7 inches of fresh water with fish, loaded with 2,000 pounds of lead for ballast, as no one had ever experienced before.

Pete Gerber, owner of the company, explained that the goal of the process is to “prove that the Tesla S is a car so waterproof that it can be converted into a submarine and drive through this small 90-foot trough.”


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