Urgent The frequency of the new Al-Ahly Club 2021 channel on Nilesat in HD quality, the latest Al-Ahly matches


Many sports fans, especially Al-Ahly fans, are looking for “the frequency of the new Al-Ahly channel 2021” on Nilesat in HD quality, as Al-Ahly is one of the largest distinguished Egyptian clubs, which many people are accused of following, and that Al-Ahly’s frequency is constantly changing. Because this change is an update of the data on the channel, so that it works well and does not cause unwanted interference and interruption.

The frequency of the new Al-Ahly club channel 2021, Nilesat

Al-Ahly Club channel operates on the Nilesat satellite, through the following frequency:

  • Frequency: 11747.
  • The channel operates at a coding rate: 27500.
  • Polarization coefficient: H vertical.
  • Error correction factor: ¾.

There is another channel frequency, which is as follows:

  • Frequency: 11440.
  • Coding factor: 27500.
  • It works on the Nilesat satellite.
  • Polarization factor: horizontal.
  • Error correction factor: 6/5.

The last matches that Al-Ahly club will face

On Thursday, corresponding to 09/16/2021, the team will face the Arab Contractors Club in a friendly match, which is the second friendly match for the team. rest of the difference.

Through these matches, the club will give new players space to move, and will use the new deals in the club, use the new changes in the team and recruit new players and join the ranks of their teammates that the club brought in the last summer transfers to it.

Al-Ahly channel content

considered channel Alahli football club It is one of the most well-known channels for several years, and it is a famous channel and is followed by many, and this is due to the diversity of the content that it shows. Which he will face, as it is interested in displaying his matches, dates and the most important news about them.

The channel also shows a lot of sports programs that discuss the most important sports problems in Egypt, the most important information about the club, and is interested in all sports in general, as well as preparing the analytical studio for Al-Ahly matches.

Many sports fans are looking for Channel Frequency The new Al-Ahly club so that they can follow the latest news and matches of the club, especially if they are fans of the Red Castle team.


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