Turki Al-Sheikh reassures his followers of his health after surgery


date of publication:
September 04, 2021 13:31 GMT

Update date: September 04, 2021 14:05 GMT

Today, Saturday, Turki Al-Sheikh, the advisor at the Saudi Royal Court and head of the General Authority for Entertainment, reassured his followers of his health, stressing that he is “fine”, after those close to him revealed that he had undergone a sudden operation in a hospital in the capital, Riyadh.

Al-Sheikh, who is popular and famous in the artistic and sports circles in the Kingdom and abroad, said on his page on “Twitter”: “Praise be to God, I am fine and I thank everyone who asked, I do not see you, God is hated.”

Turki Al-Sheikh did not reveal more details about his health condition, but the Saudi journalist, Abdullah Mukharash, said that “Abu Nasser”, which is the nickname of the Al-Sheikh family, has been suffering from bleeding for three months, and yesterday, Friday, he underwent a successful surgery despite its danger.

Mukharash, who is close to the Sheikh family, added that the prominent entertainment official was late in performing the surgery because of its danger; What doubled the difficulty, while lying in intensive care.

In the past two years, Al Sheikh underwent a long treatment journey in the United States of America, which witnessed several operations and setbacks.

And last year, he revealed that his health problems began in 2016, but he neglected them, and in 2018 he had to perform 5 surgeries, one of which caused a medical error, which he still suffers from until today, pointing out that he performed a difficult surgery last year, as Doctors forbade him from eating for 6 weeks.

He also revealed at the time that he had difficulties sleeping, and after conducting tests, it was found that he only slept deeply for a few minutes, indicating that he had entered a period of depression due to his health problems and had cut off communication with others.

Al-Sheikh surprised everyone when he said on that day that he had divided his property and money among his family before performing one of the dangerous surgeries.

And the star of Turki Al-Sheikh rose after he led the development of Saudi sports.

In addition to his official positions, Turki Al-Sheikh is a businessman who owns a Spanish football club and other investments. He is also a poet with many literary poems, some of which are sung by great Arab stars. He is also a writer, who has novels, television series and others.


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