Tunisia lifts the curfew in force to combat Corona and allows the attendance of activities


The Tunisian authorities announced today, “Friday”, to allow the attendance of activities and gatherings in public and closed spaces for those who have completed the vaccination against the emerging corona virus.

After months of suspending attendance and participation in artistic and cultural activities in the spaces designated for this, and preventing the follow-up of sports matches in stadiums and halls, the Tunisian presidency allowed “Friday” to resume these activities and open open and closed spaces to the public.

In return, the authorities stipulated that 50% of the space’s capacity should not be exceeded, and that the health protocol be adhered to.

It also stressed the obligation to wear a muzzle in public spaces and means of transportation for all persons over the age of six, and mandatory vaccination for those arriving in Tunisia to participate in events, activities and gatherings.

The authorities also decided to lift the decision to ban people and vehicles from going around after midnight, starting at midnight on September 25.

The severity of the Corona epidemic in the country decreased after a sweeping wave last July and the beginning of August, which caused record numbers of deaths and injuries, making Tunisia the first in the Arab world and the second in Africa.

International aid, including millions of doses in the form of donations, enabled the containment of the wave and the intensification of vaccination operations to include, until yesterday, September 23, more than seven million and 324 thousand people, including more than two million and 597 thousand who completed the vaccination.

Tunisia plans to vaccinate half of the country’s population by the end of October, ie 5.5 million people.



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