Tunisia cancels the “Corona” curfew after consulting with the management of the Covid-19 pandemic


Tunisian President Kais Saied, after consulting with the Ministry of Health and the Covid-19 pandemic management operations hall, decided to cancel the curfew for people and cars throughout the territory of the Republic, starting at midnight, according to Radio Tunis.

In a statement, the Presidency of Tunisia stressed the need to adhere to the application of a number of measures, including allowing people who have completed the vaccination process against Covid-19 to attend or participate in demonstrations, activities and public and private gatherings in open and closed spaces, and those concerned should invoke evidence of their receipt of the second dose of vaccination, Determining the absorption capacity of 50% for closed spaces and open spaces, with the need to adhere to the application of physical distance of one meter (1 meter) at least, and the application of approved sectoral health protocols.

Compulsory wearing of a muzzle in public spaces and means of transportation for all persons over the age of six Compulsory vaccinations for those coming to Tunisia to participate in demonstrations, activities and gatherings Civil and military health authorities intensification of vaccination campaigns, investigation and acceleration in them, tightening monitoring and follow-up by the relevant central and regional authorities in all sectors and taking The necessary legal procedures to ensure the application of health protocols and individual and collective preventive measures.


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