Today’s activities… Honoring Khaled El-Sawy at the Alexandria Festival and the opening of the Bahgory Ballet Exhibition


Today, Saturday, September 26, 2021, a number of cultural and artistic events will be held in a number of cultural institutions and centers, including:

The first day of the Alexandria Film Festival witnessed seminars honoring Khaled El-Sawy, artist Salwa Khattab and writer Kawthar Haikal, in addition to the awarding of Cinema of Hope awards with the participation of artist Hanan Mutawa.

Egypt Gallery in Zamalek is witnessing the opening of the exhibition “The Journey”, by plastic artist Alia El-Garaydi, at seven in the evening, whose idea was inspired by the novel “The Time Machine” by Herbert Gore Wells.

Ubuntu Gallery in Zamalek is witnessing the inauguration of a plastic art exhibition entitled “Bahgory Ballet” by artist George Bahgory, which is scheduled to be held on the ground floor, in addition to the “Shuffle” exhibition on the first floor, a group plastic art exhibition in which: Adham Gharib – Doaa Fakher – Sarah Mohieldin – Philip Andrevosic – Mohamed Sabry – Mohamed Tanash – Mahmoud Talaat – Mona Al Kateb – Maha Masoud – Youssef Sabry, starting from next Sunday, September 26, and the show will continue until Saturday, October 16.

A new evening of the Culture and Creativity Forum, organized by the Cultural Development Fund Sector, will be held at seven in the evening at the Artistic Creativity Center “in the Opera Land”, under the title “Innovators and Prizes…The Journey of Dr. Reem Bassiouni”.

The forum is supervised by the journalist writer Tariq Al-Taher, and during the symposium, the writer d. Reem Bassiouni’s creative journey, receiving a number of awards, as well as her academic journey by teaching in a number of universities in Egypt and abroad.


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