Tim Hassan confronts “ISIS”: “I am here a leader” (video)


The “Shahid VIP” platform released the first promotional advertisement for the series “Al-Hiba – Jabal”, and it was published by the star Tim Hassan on his account via “Instagram”, in which Jabal Sheikh Al-Jabal appeared directing his words to Sarah Ibrahim (Aimee Sayah).

Hassan attached the announcement to a comment that said: “I am here a leader, and the leader in battle never underestimates the value of his opponent…soon.”

The series “The Prestige – Jabal” holds many surprises, and it seems that it will address the conflicts of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, as it was mentioned in Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal’s words about the confrontation with ISIS. The flag of the Islamic organization also appeared in the “promo”, which heralds a busy season, and this was confirmed by producer Sadiq Al-Sabah on his account via “Twitter”, as he published the announcement and tweeted: “The star Tim Hassan concludes “prestige” as you have never seen before, God Good luck.”


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