This is what we wish for when the war ends


“Enough War” is not just a slogan raised by Yemeni activists on social media platforms, but rather it is a resounding cry in the face of death brokers and merchants of disputes and sedition in the country of Yemeni wisdom, a slogan repeated by young and old from all classes of Yemeni society from north to south, that repetition serves as a reminder The siege is broken to warn the world of the tragedy of the poor people who have seen nothing of happiness but its sad name that has been inherited since ancient civilizations, a country that has become full of fears, and lives at the bottom of the list of the poorest and least fortunate, deprived of the simplest necessities of a decent life, including a bite, dignity and a glimmer of safety.

Children devoured by the fronts and displaced people chased by the sound of fire

“Enough war” is the mouthpiece of 30 million Yemeni people, death awaits them from all sides, surrounded by the triad of poverty, hunger and disease, who do not know the taste of safety and are looking for peace on the agenda of every new UN envoy, 3 dead presidents, bloody civil wars, and child soldiers devouring them. The fronts’ incinerators every day, funerals, mourning and wounded people left in the deserts and mountains, some of them returning to their families with missing organs, convoys of displaced people fleeing from the sound of fire to remote places, orphans and missing persons in bulk, and the death toll continues to escalate, there is no solution, according to activists, but to publish hashtags addressing Conscience of decision makers, shaking the conscience of humanity.

The campaign’s messages continue to spread, formulating cross-border messages of sympathy and solidarity, turning the social media arenas into a battle of peace, as my 30 Yemeni platform, a youth Facebook page, published national initiatives to express the concerns of young people regardless of their social and regional backgrounds, united by the love of Yemen first The platform raises the slogan of Tire Today, Your Pictures, under the hashtag “Enough of a War”, to open a new horizon that teases hopes, and reviews the wishes of Yemenis for the post-war period, and comments that bear many values ​​​​of coexistence and feelings of peace and belonging.

We will fight for Yemen even if peace is 1% monitored the wishes of Yemenis on the social media, after the war ended, and the promises and pledges made by activists on themselves varied. It symbolizes the culture of death and we reject any thought that takes us back to the dark ages. We will start a new page trying to advance the Yemeni youth and be close to the youth of the world in terms of thinking, awareness and civilization.

Youth banner: No to recruitment, intimidation and atonement

In addition, in an effort to build a prosperous homeland with the help of his sons, whose motto is construction and development, he raises a banner of no to recruitment, intimidation and blasphemy, or spreading a culture of hatred and regionalism. The qat tree, which is more difficult than our previous crises, describes it as the most terrible invasion that destroyed the youth of Yemen hundreds of years ago.

We will start with agriculture and restore coffee tales, and create a new renaissance era of trade, economy, development and building the awareness of a contemporary human being that represents the essence of Yemeni identity, stemming from the love of the homeland. We will harvest our land, create our opportunity and support our scholars, innovators and creators.

Shepherds songs, harvest songs and weddings

And if the war ends after many years, an expatriate activist says, “I will travel to my village, the village of Al-Hazeen, because I miss my family, my neighbors, the hills, and the farms of my village a lot. With the war, I could not enjoy my sitting there as I should. I also miss the green plains, the songs of the shepherds and the songs of the harvest.” and weddings.

When the war ends, we will start a new war against the culture of darkness that has obliterated the Yemeni identity and hijacked consciousness, and we will take care of education, health, and services such as electricity and sewage water. Another continues: “One day, the war will end in our favour, no doubt. The opportunities that we have been denied will be available to us. Our impossible dreams will be in our hands. The barriers planted in front of us will end, the possibilities will be available, and the living life will improve, and life will smile and shake hands with us warmly.”

A shattered present and a future in need of restoration

An activist wonders: “Who brings out the person of war and restores the person to normal life within us, who gathers the diaspora of our souls, who brings us back the luster of youth and its zenith, who restores our ambition, who restores that passion, who restores serenity of mind and the determination of the mountains.” The response comes from an influential young man who calls for optimism. We horses were filled with enthusiasm to race in the field of life, but the years of oppression and tyranny within narrow, dark and rotting stables ruined our souls and made us forget what running is and what horses should be. This generation is destined to live in two eras, its present destroyed, and a future that needs restoration, and there is no time to live.”

Peace words folding a dark era

With words filled with the will of peace, a dark era of oppression and displacement is turning, a young man crosses, I will embrace my friends whom I have been deprived of. We will make a better tomorrow for our sons and daughters. We will not give them weapons. We will strive to turn all spaces of war into gardens of love and peace, and schools to build reason. We will only tell them that war is bad, that hatred is unjust, and that tomorrow they must live only.

We will burn our clothes loaded with ammunition and replace them with education bags

Everyone joins hands to build a homeland that is swirling with rhetoric and destabilizing its security and stability by systematic wars, but everyone agrees that carrying arms leads to destruction, as it is one of the worn-out genes. A disgruntled activist says: “I will not give my children a weapon, but I will give them a pen. We will evacuate the camps from within the cities, and replace them with parks and investment service projects for the development of the country.


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