They thought he was homeless.. Nicholas Cage was expelled from a Las Vegas restaurant (video) | celebrity news


Social media users shared a video clip of Hollywood star Nicolas Cage being expelled from a Las Vegas restaurant.

The British newspaper (The Sun), which published the clip, said that the restaurant workers did not recognize Cage, and thought that he was homeless because of his miserable appearance and the state of complete drunkenness in which he was.

The clip shows Cage sitting on a sofa, wearing home clothes and in a dire state, before a woman who works in the place approaches him and exchanges a short conversation with him.

Cage then appears as he is about to get out, and then tries to enter again but is prevented by the staff.

(The Sun) quoted eyewitnesses that Cage drank quantities of fine wines before he became in this state.

She stated that this was not the first time that Cage appeared drunk in a public place.

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