There is now nothing left of those who reject the Corona vaccine except deceived or arrogant


The Assistant Undersecretary of Health for Preventive Health, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, said that there is now nothing left in the trench of those who refuse to receive the Corona vaccine except the deceived or the arrogant.

Asiri added, through his official page on the social networking site “Twitter”, today, Monday: If the goal of vaccines was to exterminate the poor, as they claim, then why did the rich countries monopolize it, leaving Africa to struggle with Covid?

And Asiri continued: “Why did scholars, rich people, politicians and leaders race for it? Only deceived or arrogant people are left now in the trench of rejection.”

And the Saudi Ministry of Health had stressed the importance of taking the second dose and urgency with it, as it is the only way to confront the mutants of the Corona virus, and raise the level of immunity and activate it after the first dose, stressing its importance to achieve community immunity.

In the same context, the Ministry of Health announced a new statistic of Corona developments in the Kingdom during the past 24 hours, which included the registration of 63 confirmed cases, and the recovery of 71 cases, while the number of active cases reached 2,343 cases, including 339 critical cases.

The statistics showed that the total number of injuries in the Kingdom amounted to 546,612 cases, and the number of recovery cases was 535,602, while 6 deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 8,667 deaths.

She advised everyone to communicate with the (937) Center for consultations and inquiries around the clock, to obtain health information and services, and to know the developments of the Corona virus.


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