The world celebrates with Saudi Arabia – Saudi News


The Saudi flags rose yesterday in the capitals and cities of the entire world in celebration of the 91st Saudi National Day, to gather the entire world that Saudi Arabia filled the world and occupied people.

Yesterday, the towers of Dubai, Seoul, and the bridges of Amman and Dublin were painted green, expressing the joy of sharing this precious spot of land.

On the cars of the residents of Doha, Manama and Abu Dhabi, pictures bearing the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were placed and surrounded the pictures of King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a message of love to these countries, which were cradled in the breasts.

A number of citizens of different countries also documented their celebrations on the occasion of the Saudi National Day, such as the Pakistani, Indonesian and Filipino communities, expressing our gratitude to them and an expression of the status of this country for them and how they received their love and appreciation.

All these scenes that we have seen around the world undoubtedly reflect the people’s love for Saudi Arabia and give a sure impression of the place it holds in the hearts of Muslims and Arabs in particular and the world in general.


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