The women’s jiu-jitsu team… the icon of the Asian Championship


The women’s national jiu-jitsu team scored a remarkable historical achievement in the fifth edition of the Asian Jiu-Jitsu Championship, which was held at the Jiu-Jitsu Arena in Abu Dhabi from 13-16 September.

This exceptional achievement of the women’s team was achieved thanks to the strategic vision of the Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation and its years-long plans, which took into account the use of the best technical equipment and training expertise in order to establish a sustainable base for women’s jiu-jitsu talents that lead the country to global podiums.

In this regard, Polyana Lago, coach of the women’s national team, said: The list of the women’s team participating in the Asian Championship included 14 players of different weights, and 11 of them succeeded in achieving a colorful medal and ascending the podium, which means that the rate of coronation of the players reached 79%, which is a rare rate. occurring in one tournament.

Significant results

Under the supervision of Lago, the UAE team is achieving remarkable results, and Polyana Lago is one of the most famous and best jiu-jitsu coaches in the world. She holds a black belt, and maintains an impressive record with 5 world titles and 4 Brazilian championships. She worked on a number of important projects in empowering women, and the union’s choice fell on her through careful follow-up and with great confidence that she is the right person to lead the women’s team.

Regarding the performance of the women’s team in the Asian Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Lago says: “The players exceeded all expectations by achieving a remarkable achievement.”

Lago added: “During the preparation period, we succeeded in working on the psychological aspect and enhancing confidence for some players, which is an aspect no less important than the tactical aspect, but the plan will change in the World Championships and the Abu Dhabi World Professional Championship, where the lessons of the Asian Championship will be benefited and optimally used in developing Technical aspects of the players.

good relations

Lago has a good relationship with the players and is keen during the matches to encourage and guide them, which will reflect positively on their performance. In most cases, the players succeed in overcoming difficult moments and taking the initiative.

Lago stresses the importance of the coach being a former player, as this contributes to having a better understanding of the nature of the players.

For her part, the promising star Hamda Al-Shukaili, who won the gold in the 45 kg weight category, says that clarity of purpose, determination and focus are among the most important factors that help achieve victory on the rug.

Al Shukaili affirms that the Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation paves the way for us to develop and advance, and we only have to follow it, armed with perseverance in training and implementing the directives of the technical staff, with confidence in the ability to achieve victory.



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