The wave set the melody in 10 minutes.. when Umm Kulthum sang for the first time on the beats of the drum


In 1957, Kawkab Al Sharq Umm Kulthum stood for 7 hours in front of the radio microphone to record a new anthem melody for her by the great musician Muhammad Al-Mouji. The Suez Canal Guides celebrated the first anniversary of the departure of the foreign guides and the Egyptians assumed responsibility for the Suez Canal.

And this anthem recorded by Kawkab al-Sharq was the anthem of “You are on the cusp, O Egyptian, and you are at the helm, and the victory is working in the canal is a wedding”, which was written by the great poet Salah Jahin.

Concerning this melody, the great musician Muhammad Al-Mouji said in one of his hadiths that he took care in creating this melody that it should be from the tone of “Sika” which is very suitable for folk chants and songs, and from the same tone from which he put the melody of my song “Oh nation of the moon at the door”, and they stood the speech ”

Al-Mouji confirmed that he put the beginning of the melody in only 10 minutes, which is the duration of the taxi journey from his home to the house of the East Planet Umm Kulthum, in which he imagined the Egyptian wedding.

Al-Mouji added that, for this reason, he inserted the drum on Umm Kulthum’s takht for the first time, which was played by the famous drummer Sayed Karawiyah, and Anwar Mansa, the famous violinist, participated for the first time in playing Umm Kulthum.


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