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Today, the artist Kazem El Saher celebrates his 64th birthday, as he was born on September 12, 1957.

Kazem El Saher was famous for singing romantic love poems written by the late poet Nizar Qabbani.

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Kazem’s divorce from the mother of his children

Kazem El Saher’s fame and his singing of love poems began after his separation from his first wife and mother of his children (Wissam and Omar). At the age of nineteen, he married his cousin and separated from her a few years later, due to their young age and his lack of understanding of the responsibilities of marriage.

Kazem El-Saher revealed for the first time his divorce from the mother of his children after about 6 years of separation.

Kazem explained that he hid the news and did not want to talk about it at all, out of respect for the feelings of his children and his ex-wife, whom he greatly appreciates, and that Zahi Wehbe by asking him embarrassed him.

Kazem’s relationship with the mother of his children after the separation

Kazem El-Saher praised his ex-wife and described her as the wonderful mother of his children, noting that if he was present next to them, he would spoil them because he is an emotional father, noting that the correct education needs firmness.

He added that he did not regret the decision to marry at an early age, because he had two children whom he loves very much, but he advises young people to slow down before early marriage because at this age a person needs to complete his studies and obtain life experiences that give him more maturity.

Kazem confirmed that his twenty-one-year-old son Wissam was linked to a date to return home, and he could not stay up late and be late, because the age of 21 means that his son is a child, so he believes that the early marriage of the young man is a wrong decision, while the girl has a greater mind in that age group.

Sad single life

Kazem El-Saher refused to marry after his divorce from the mother of his children, and set out to become a symbol of love and romance songs in the Arab world, and despite his fame as one of the singers most chased by fans, he said years ago in an interview with the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, that he feels lost and fatal lonely, and that The instability he is going through in his life makes him hate himself at times.

Kazem said that the life of marriage is beautiful with its ups and downs between differences and romance, and that the idea of ​​returning home and seeing the children gives him a wonderful feeling.

Wissam’s mother appears again

The public calls Kazem’s first wife “Umm Wissam”, and her name “Oruba Hashem” is not circulated much, and for 40 years she did not appear with Kazem until their son Wissam’s wedding came, where they took pictures together, years after the public knew her through an old photo of the couple .

The little information available about Kazem El-Saher’s ex-wife indicates that she resided in Dubai, in a house that Kazem El-Saher provided for her and their two sons, Wissam and Omar.

Kazem El Saher with the mother of his children


Kazem and Sarah

After nearly 20 years of loneliness, Kazem El Saher announced his engagement to a Tunisian girl named Sarah, in March 2018, after rumors chased him for several years and linked him to many girls outside the artistic community, along with some artists.

Kazem concealed the details of his relationship with Sarah and spread several incorrect pictures of her, before he settled the controversy himself and explained that she was the girl whose picture was leaked with her behind the scenes of the “Voice” program.

Rumors of separation chased Kazem and Sarah, but so far no confirmation or denial of these reports has been issued.

A rare appearance by Kazem with his fiancée Sarah

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