The UAE continues to achieve exceptional achievements with national competencies


Members of the Federal National Council affirmed that the UAE continues to achieve exceptional achievements with the participation of national competencies capable of translating the visions of the wise leadership, preserving national gains and the UAE’s leadership in the race for progress and excellence in various fields, noting that the good methodology looks forward to the future and reflects the aspirations of our people.

They explained that the new methodology in government work for the next stage represents the rational leadership’s document that reflects the creative aspirations of its people, and which shows that its main bet in achieving this new methodology is the distinguished and qualified energies and capabilities of the nation’s people, who have confirmed over the past years the sincerity of their affiliation and belief in the homeland and the vision of their leadership that leads Ship this country to safety.

Naama Abdullah Al-Sharhan, Second Deputy Chairman of the Council, said: The amendments made to the federal government are among the UAE projects for the next fiftieth year, and the package of projects that were announced this month, explaining that the government’s vision in the UAE is based on developing these sectors covered by the change decision. She noted that the new methodology in government work was carefully and thoughtfully developed with the aim of upgrading all sectors in the United Arab Emirates, because the country aims to be the second fiftieth, and has a chest that preserves the gains made in the past fifty years, on the one hand, while continuing the UAE’s leadership in the educational fields. On the other hand, economic and health.


Obaid Khalfan Al Salami said: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai (may God protect him), is an exceptional and inspiring leader with whom our government is moving from one success to another with aptitude to keep pace with and race the future of the UAE.

He stressed that the new methodology launched by His Highness, is not a product of the moment, but is an expected step from our government, in which there is no impossible in its dictionary, an exceptional methodology in both quantity and quality, as its details do not keep pace with development, but rather race with it, thus anticipating the future with its variables and challenges, and then ensuring the achievement of the goals of the stage. The next trip of the fiftieth.

And he indicated that these standards made our priorities clear to the world, and therefore we put them in mind to speed up their achievement and achieve the aspirations of our wise leadership.


Naama Al-Mansoori stated that the new methodology of the government’s work launches a new stage in the process of collective action to achieve national priorities in line with the directions and aspirations of the UAE for the next fifty years. Al Mansouri said: The UAE, under the directives of its wise leadership, is moving into the future with unique forward-looking visions that enhance its position in the world in various fields, based on the principles of the Fifty-Year Charter that embody the UAE’s solid values.

Osama Al Shafar stated that the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, about the new methodology for government work implicitly confirms basic issues, represented in the unparalleled success of the previous UAE work plans and programs, and their achievement of the set goals, transparency and flexibility in evaluating work plans , to search for more effective means and tools to implement the plans.


Muhammad Al-Kashf said: The UAE, from the establishment of the union to this day, represents the axis of the aspirations and ambitions of our wise leadership, putting at the same time its people and the interest of the country at the top of its priorities, especially in drawing the road map for the changing future. He continued: The UAE, praise be to God, is racing with ambition and achieving the impossible in all fields and at all regional and global levels, based on the vision of its wise leadership that God Almighty has endowed us with, to be the features of the future.



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