The truth about the death of Mayada El Hennawy and her Alzheimer’s disease


Tamader Ghanem, director of the Damascus branch of the Syrian Artists Syndicate, denied rumors about the death of the Syrian singer Mayada Al-Hinnawi, stressing that they are fine and in good health after communicating with her directly by phone.

Tamader Ghanem confirmed in press statements that any news that was not issued exclusively by the Syndicate is completely untrue.

Ghanem added: “Rumors of death have been chasing many Syrian artists in the recent period through social networking sites, including Syrian actor Ayman Zeidan and Syrian actor Muhammad Al-Shammat, and the news must be verified before publishing it.

Mayada El Hennawy reveals the fact that she has Alzheimer’s disease:
Actress Mayada El Hennawy revealed the fact that she was exposed to a health crisis and had Alzheimer’s disease, stressing that this is completely untrue.

Mayada Al-Hanawi said that there is no truth to what was circulated about her having Alzheimer’s, following up on saying: Those who spread these rumors do not know God.

The artist, Mayada El Henawy, explained, during her phone call to the “Al-Hekaya” program, with the media Amr Adib, that she has lived in her house for a year and has not gone out yet, adding that she is exposed to many rumors such as that she has corona and sometimes other diseases.

Mayada El Henawy added that she is now preparing some singing works and preparing for concerts, adding that she has longed for singing, especially in Egypt, which she considers her second country, which was her first support in her career.

The artist, Mayada Al-Hanawi, revealed the reasons for her disappearance in the recent period, saying: “Corona and the death of my sister from a period that left me in difficult circumstances, in addition to my brother’s recent heart surgery,” adding: “During the Corona period, we went through many circumstances, and may God remove the cloud from all people.”

Mayada El Hennawy added, in a telephone interview to the Ninth Program, broadcast on the Egyptian TV screen, that rumors are unacceptable, noting that she was exposed to many rumors, including her infection with the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

And the artist, Mayada Al-Hinnawi, continued, “This is harm, and I tell them to fear God, and people have jealousy, and our soul is strange, and my life in the last period is very difficult, and I am still not out of great sadness.”


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