The tankers axis… Criticisms in Lebanon of Hezbollah’s power


Hezbollah’s joy yesterday when Iranian fuel trucks entered Lebanon from the Baniyas port in Syria, which damaged the home of a citizen in the Bekaa, as a result of the party’s firing RPGs Rejoicing, according to what was reported by local media.

While a number of Lebanese, despite the stifling fuel crisis that the country is experiencing, criticized the party’s power, which was manifested in its most severe form yesterday, Thursday, while Iranian fuel tanks entered, under the sight of the silent state, and in the absence of any official statement or comment, in line with the policy of “Make yourself dead”.

In one of the critical comments on what happened yesterday in the border areas between Lebanon and Syria, especially Baalbek and Hermel, the Lebanese representative of the Kataeb Party, Sami Gemayel, tweeted on his Twitter account that “Iranian oil passes just as weapons and fighters also pass across the border” without regard to the state.

He wrote: “Iranian oil trucks pass across the border as fighters and weapons pass, and as goods are smuggled from Lebanon. There is no constitution, no law, no army, no customs, and no one grieves over a trampled sovereignty in the first place. A reference to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Iranian oil trucks in Lebanon..and pictures of Khamenei, Bashar al-Assad and Hassan Nasrallah

Iranian oil trucks in Lebanon..and pictures of Khamenei, Bashar al-Assad and Hassan Nasrallah

While others considered that instead of smuggling oil from Iran, which was punished internationally, it was better for Hezbollah to stop the smuggling of gasoline and other derivatives and goods to Syria by its supporters and group, through the illegal crossings that it knows fully and covers.

Likewise, activists commented on the scenes that spread to party members firing bullets in the air near the fuel trucks, wondering what the disaster would have occurred if one of those stray bullets landed at the tanker!

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For her part, US President Joe Biden’s candidate for the post of Assistant Secretary of State, Barbara Leaf, considered that these Iranian oil trucks are just a ploy from the Iranian-backed Hezbollah with the aim of improving its reputation, stressing that it will not solve Lebanon’s deep problems in energy and economy.

In a hearing held by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to approve her appointment, according to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, she also expressed the United States’ openness to lifting some sanctions related to the Caesar Act to facilitate the passage of gas and electricity to Lebanon through Syria from Egypt and Jordan. She said: “This is a solution proposed by the countries of the region, and as I understand it, the World Bank supports this plan as well. That is why the State Department is currently carefully studying the frameworks of US laws and sanctions policy.”

It is noteworthy that a convoy of 80 tankers, with a capacity of four million liters, entered Lebanon yesterday to unload its cargo in the warehouses of the “Amanah” stations in the city of Baalbek, affiliated with Hezbollah and included since 2020 on the US sanctions list, before it is distributed later according to a list of priorities that he identified. Iranian-backed party.

Hezbollah, the military force outside the authority of the country’s security forces, announced its intention to import fuel from Tehran on August 19, sparking widespread political criticism from its opponents who accuse it of mortgaging the country to Iran, while the Lebanese authorities have repeatedly announced that they are committed in their financial and banking transactions. Non-violation of international and US sanctions imposed.


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