The summer of Saudi Arabia continues and is inflamed with the most beautiful and strongest parties


Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan
The summer of Saudi Arabia continues and is inflamed with the most beautiful and powerful parties, and last Thursday night, the audience of the Eastern Province had a meeting with all of the stars Rahma Riad, Ayed, Ramy Jamal and DJ Aseel, within the “Fourha” concerts.Sponsored by 4M, headed by Mr. Hamza Nasser, and in cooperation with 360 Live, the Dammam Dhahran Expo Theater witnessed last Thursday evening, September 16, a night in which 4 of the brightest stars of the Arab world shone; Rahma Riyadh, Ayed, DJ Asil and Ramy Jamal who meets the Saudi audience for the second time, as he previously stood before the Jeddah audience on the ancient stage Jeddah Super Dome during the Jeddah Summer Concerts.

As usual, Rahma Riad and Rami Jamal were received at the airport by a delegation from 4M and 360 Live, where Rahma Riad greeted the Al Sharqiya fans expressing her readiness to meet them, and thanked the General Entertainment Authority headed by His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh for this beautiful opportunity. She also thanked 4M and 360 Live, and in turn, Ramy Jamal expressed his happiness to meet the Saudi audience for the second time, this time from Al Sharqiya. He also thanked 4M and 360 Live for the wonderful and distinguished organization, and wished to meet the Saudi audience constantly.

As she prepared to meet the Al Sharqiya audience, the Iraqi star Rahma Riyad tweeted on her own Twitter account, asking the audience about their favorite songs, under the slogan “Yalla Nfwarha”.

An oriental night with distinction, with a special imprint of the most wonderful music of DJ Assil, which ignited the audience, who unleashed their enthusiasm before meeting the Iraqi star Rahma Riad, who sparkled with her appearance and enticed the audience with a bouquet of her most beautiful songs, including “Al Kawkab” and “Waad Mina” and others…

Followed by the Egyptian artist Ramy Gamal, who ignited the atmosphere of the ceremony and the audience, who sang with him “Walk Rouh”, “Don’t forget”, “Exceeding years”, “Hekaya rouh”, “Promise me” and others…

As for the Saudi artist, Ayed, who is overlooking the Saudi audience for the fourth time, he witnessed a great public interaction….

A special public night that witnessed a wonderful and large attendance. The prices of the concert tickets ranged between 360 and 690 riyals, and it was implemented after its release.

It is noteworthy that the “Fourna” concerts, organized by 4M and 360 Live, are held under the strictness and commitment of the preventive measures and health measures imposed by the Saudi Ministry of Health related to gatherings and respect for social distancing, in the interest of public safety and the safety of the public.


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