The Sudanese young man raised her and betrayed him .. “Cobra” ends Mansour’s life in Saudi Arabia


A poisonous Cobra ended the life of a Sudanese young man living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at dawn on Thursday, after 11 years of various joint performances in a park in the Asir region.

According to Saudi media reports today, Saturday, the young Sudanese man, Mansour, after the end of his work and his performances in front of the public, wanted to complete his show with the cobra from his private room at home via a live broadcast on “Facebook”, but during his caress of the snake – which he raised over the years and made many performances with it. – In front of his followers on the broadcast, she betrayed him, and unexpectedly received her poisonous sting.

Although the young man sought help from his friends after the poison spread in his body, and he was taken to Asir Hospital, but he died instantly.

And pioneers of the communication sites circulated pictures of the performances that the late young man presented.




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