The secret behind Tariq Hamed’s anger… People worked on him and his brain because of the new deal!


Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former coach of Zamalek, revealed, through his program, “Awad El-Labs” yesterday, Wednesday, the reason for the anger of Tariq Hamed, the midfielder of Zamalek club.

And on his official account on the social networking site Instagram, Tariq Hamed raised many questions after writing through his “Al-Asturi”, stressing that the public is the one who knows its value, while officials do not realize the value until it is too late.

Tariq Hamed wrote the following: “The public may know your value well, while those in the position of responsibility do not realize it until it is too late.”

For his part, Mido revealed the secret behind what Tariq Hamed wrote, saying, “The last 48 hours, the people who want the Zamalek club fall. They worked right, they worked on the social media, the electronic committees, and the pages on Facebook to their buyers, they stirred up the public on Labib and the board of directors.”

And he continued, “States also entered the atmosphere of the dressing room and told them that Hamdi Al-Naqaz took 600 thousand dollars as a contract provider and he is spending his contract with Zamalek, and this is a lie and misleading, Hamdi took 290 thousand dollars.”

And Mido continued, “People have worked very well to expect the Zamalek club, they say that they are Zamalek and they hope that Zamalek will lose. Tariq Hamed is upset about himself because he has money and a difference in development taxes, and Abdel-Ghani and another defect have money.”

He added, “We all saw those who wrote Tariq on the social media, he did not like that from himself, there are people who worked on him and on his brain that Al-Naqaz took the whole amount.”

Mido concluded his statements, “I spoke to Hussein Labib, told me, that Al-Naqaz took 600,000, and I arrived at Tariq Hamed and Labib. Hussein sent to Tariq what proves that these words are lies and slander, and Tariq made sure that this statement is not correct. The second problem is that there are problems with development taxes, and these are taxes Unevenly, Hussein Labib told Tariq in my presence that this problem would be resolved next week.”


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