The repercussions of the burning of the house of the Egyptian artist Sherif Mounir


The repercussions of the burning of the house of the artist Sherif Mounir, which occurred last Thursday, continue to this day. After the Egyptian actor assured his fans and fans of his health and the safety of his family, his wife published a video showing the extent of the damage.

The artist, Laura, the artist’s wife, posted a video on Instagram, explaining the losses incurred on the terrace of the house, and how the fire devoured the contents of a room and distorted the walls and ceilings.

Laura also attached a comment on the video, that that day was a very bad day, expressing her thanks to her neighbors who supported her in that calamity.

Mounir reassured his fans after the fire, explaining on Thursday that it was caused by a “cigarette” falling on the ceiling of one of the rooms, which led to the fire.

The artist had published, on his Instagram account, pictures of his apartment in the Mokattam area of ​​Cairo Governorate, which was in a state of charred after a massive fire broke out in it on Thursday morning.

Mounir commented, “Praise be to God, grace and kindness. A cigarette was thrown from somewhere on the ceiling of my house on the terrace of the house. A fire broke out.”

He also explained that the Mokattam firefighters rushed to the site of the fire and began their work until the fire was brought under control, thanking his neighbors and everyone who supported him in this accident.

He explained that his wife and daughter were at home alone when the fire broke out, while he was filming at seven in the morning.

It is worth noting that the artist Sherif Mounir is participating this period in a series that is currently being shown on local channels under the name “Open Holiday” with a group of stars, including the artist Liqa’ Al-Khamisi, the artist Samiha Ayoub, the artist Malak Qura, the director Mohamed Abdel Rahman, and the work is produced by Synergy Film Production. .


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