The price of Nancy Ajram’s mother’s dress shocked the audience… More expensive than the price of a new car!


After she caught the eye with her appearance at her son’s wedding, the artistNabil AjramFollowers wondered about the price of the Lebanese actress’s mother’s dressNancy AjramWho dazzled followers with his beauty and elegance.
The dress, designed by the Lebanese designer Elie Saab, is long in gold from the shiny sequin, and was previously worn by model Farida Asen at the Cannes Festival in its last session. Followers were shocked by the price of the dress, which amounts to 24 thousand and 246 dollars.
And Nancy Ajram shared with the audience a new set of photos of her and her family from the wedding of her brother, the artist, and they drew the attention of the followers with the beauty of their appearance, the lightness and attractiveness of her daughters. Nancy chose a long dress with a royal design in pink, highlighting her grace and elegance. Her daughters also caught the attention of the followers with their soft looks in white dresses that match the occasion and their ages.


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