The perpetrators of the coup were officers from the Bashir regime


Government confirmed in SudanOn Tuesday, the urgent coup attempt was brought under control and arrested coup leaders.

The government spokesman, Minister of Culture and Information Hamza Balloul, announced in an official statement that the perpetrators of the coup were a group of the army affiliated with the former regime, noting that the coup plot wanted to turn back the clock.

He also continued that the transitional government and the regular agencies are working in complete coordination, assuring the people that the situation is under full control.

Establishment of security

This came after the Sudanese army confirmed, today, Tuesday, that it had thwarted a coup attempt to seize power and rule in the country.

In a statement broadcast on state television, the armed forces said that the army had thwarted a coup attempt, and that the security situation was stable.

In turn, Al-Taher Abu Haja, media advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, stressed, according to the official news agency, that the situation is “totally under control,” adding that all participants were arrested.

Arrest of those involved

Also, an official source in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers confirmed that the security and military authorities thwarted these moves at dawn today, and that the situation is under control, adding that those involved were arrested, and they are now being investigated.

The media advisor to the President of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, confirmed earlier today to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath that the coup attempt had been thwarted.

While local sources reported that most of the officers involved in this failed coup, and who were arrested, belong to the Islamists and the remnants of the former regime’s isolated party.

It is noteworthy that military information had confirmed earlier that a number of soldiers and officers of the Armored Corps were behind the coup attempt, and that they tried to control some government institutions, including the radio building, but they were confronted. It also revealed that those involved have been arrested, and investigations are ongoing.

Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent stated that Major General Abdel-Baqi Bakrawi led a group of officers in order to control the armored corps of the Sudanese army, before they were arrested.

Elements of the Sudanese army - archive

Elements of the Sudanese army – archive

Meanwhile, the attempted military coup took advantage of the tense situation in the past few days in the east of the country, according to what Al-Arabiya sources previously indicated.

It also came in light of stressful economic and living conditions in the country, amid the government’s efforts to address the crisis.


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