The Palestine Liberation Organization mourns the Palestinian writer and film director Nasri Hajjaj


Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan
Today, Saturday, the Palestine Liberation Organization mourned the Palestinian film director Nasri Hajjaj, who passed away, at dawn today, in the Austrian capital, Vienna, after a long struggle with illness.The organization said in a statement issued by it: “We received with great sadness, sorrow and deep emotion the death of one of the most prominent pillars of Palestinian thought, art and creativity, and a symbol of the cultural, national and humanitarian movement, the great literary artist Nasri Hajjaj, the owner of the legacy, artistic, intellectual and literary history, through which he established the authenticity of the national identity and documented and promoted it towards creative development, and elevated the Palestinian cultural, artistic, intellectual and literary reality.

She pointed out that Hajjaj, from his early childhood, joined the ranks of the Palestinian revolution and worked within the cadres of the Department of Culture and Information of the Liberation Organization in Tunisia. She referred to his most prominent works, including the movie “Shadow of Absence”, in which he dealt with the exile of the Palestinian, and the movie “As the poet said” in which he documented the life of the Palestinian poet. The late Mahmoud Darwish, also wrote in British, Lebanese and Palestinian newspapers, directed several documentaries, some of which won prizes at international festivals, and a collection of short stories was published for him in Ramallah, some of which were translated into English.


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