The organizer of the Murex D’Or award accuses Nawal Al Zoghbi of lying, and this is her brother’s response


Nawal al-Zoghbi

Fadi Helou, founder of Murex d’Or, accused the Lebanese star Nawal Al Zoghbi of lying, denying the reason she previously announced for not attending the award ceremony, which was later postponed.

And he said in a telephone interview via the mbc trending program: “She is the only artist who apologized before the explosion (Al-Talil in Akkar), and maybe the reason she claimed is not true. Because the theme of the ceremony is concerned with honoring the city of Beirut and its steadfastness in the face of storms, and the national songs that pertain to Lebanon.

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He added, “But the artist was insistent and ready to release her song, “Dance.”

Al-Zoghbi had said in her tweet on August 14 last: “There is no doubt that the Murex D’Or Award is one of Lebanon’s civilized facades, and there is no doubt that insisting on organizing it in Beirut despite all the tragedies is a colossal step. But I announce my apologies for not accepting it this year because of the difficult situation the country is going through, hoping that the resurrection of Lebanon is near, Lebanon is not well.”

Helou continued: “We respect her statement, but it led to our anger at her, which we told ourselves was unnecessary after postponing the ceremony, especially since those responsible for her work told us that she would love to be with us on the new date, and we accepted, but after setting the new date it became clear. She will not participate in the ceremony, as she is preparing to perform another concert and apologized for the second time.”

Marcel Al-Zoghbi, the brother of the “Golden Star”, responded through the same program, saying: “I regret that a doctor like Fadi, a professor, an educated and educated person, speaks such words that do not contain one percent of the truth,” adding: “Parties entered the mediation line in order for us to be present at the ceremony, We agreed after we refused.”

He explained: “They told me that the festival would be patriotic, so I told them, but Nawal does not have a patriotic song, so we agreed that she would give a speech in which she would talk about Beirut life and joy and explain to the world why you want to sing “Dance”, so they refused at first, but they returned and agreed.”


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