The opening of a new showroom for luxury cars in the presence of art and media stars


Last week, the “Levant” exhibition was opened in Dubai, which is a new showroom for luxury cars owned by Fahd Al-Terkawi, who celebrated his project in conjunction with the preparations for the opening of the global event, Expo 2020 Dubai, which will be hosted by the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE, starting from October 1, and over the course of 6 months amid a wide global presence.

During the opening ceremony, Al-Terkawi was greeted by a crowd of art and media stars who came to the venue to share the joy of the event and offer congratulations, including singer Shatha Hassoun, media personality Hisham Haddad, and artists Mohamed Majzoub and Yazan El-Sayed, who also congratulated bloggers Zina Loay for launching her own event organizing company.

Zeina explained that her company, “Zeina Loay”, which specializes in organizing parties and events, is characterized by innovative and distinctive ideas. While the owner of the Levant showroom Fahd Al-Terkawi said that this branch specializes in selling and displaying luxury and luxury cars that are of interest to the elite and gourmets in the UAE society. He thanked Zina for sponsoring and organizing this special event.

The ceremony included a special “Stand Up Comedy” presented by the media and artist Hisham Haddad.

It is noteworthy that Zina Louay was born in Baghdad, then moved to live in the Emirates, and completed her university studies at Ajman University of Science and Technology – majoring in architecture.

Zina started her career through social media platforms, to have a large audience.

Later, Zina presented her first program entitled The Signature Which was a resounding success. She also participated in “Oh God, we have dinner” and Beauty match with Joelle.

In addition, Zina had her first cinematic experience this year, with her participation in the series “60 Days”, which is shown on Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi channels.Mbc.



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