The new Resident Evil 4VR trailer released on October 21 for Quest 2


Facebook introduced a new trailer for Resident Evil 4VR and announced that the game will be released exclusively on October 21 for Oculus Quest 2.

The best look we got in the new action packed gameplay trailer above, Will continue from the first shots in April.

Resident Evil 4 VR announced At the Capcom Resident Evil Showcase earlier this yearQuest 2 was created exclusively by Armature. This means Quest 2 owners only (and presumably nothing) The upcoming full Oculus headphones have yet to be announcedThey can get their hands on this VR board from the survival horror game. The The original Quest headset is not supported, or the address will not be published on the PC VR or PSVR websites.

Silent Evil 4 vr oculus quest

As previously announced, Facebook says you can play standing or sitting with the support of various movements, including teleportation and room scale. According to the Oculus blog, we also have additional details about some of the changes the game has made to VR:

You can still move with the analog stick, but with a full body part atop the Leon character, the motor added its movement using touch controllers with two-hand interaction. Weapons and items are redesigned as physical objects, so you can pick up and interact with them. Finally, instead of going to a menu to change weapons, you can remove them from your body.

Silent Evil 4 vr oculus quest

If the announced release date is, the game will be available before Facebook’s annual Connect AR and VR Developer Conference. It is slated to release later than usual on October 28 this year. We previously thought we might hear about a RE4 release date, but it looks like the title will be released a week before the end of the month in time for Halloween.

Resident Evil 4VR will be available exclusively on October 21 at Oculus Quest 2.


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