The new Lebanese government sees the light without a broken or hidden third


Beirut: «The Gulf»

Finally, after a difficult labor that lasted for 46 days since his assignment, the government of President Najib Mikati was born, as Lebanese President Michel Aoun issued the formation decrees, yesterday, Friday, after the decrees were signed by Aoun and Mikati, in the presence of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who joined them to take the photo Commemorative with the new government. While Mikati’s tear preceded his speech as he headed to the Lebanese, stressing that “the situation is difficult, but nothing is impossible, and we will work as one hand to rise and stop the collapse,” Aoun said that the important thing is that we get out of Hell, stressing that the relationship with Syria is inevitable, while Announcing the formation of the new government is welcomed internally, Arably and internationally.

stop collapse

In a speech after the announcement of the formation, Mikati said: 13 months after the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab, I salute him for the previous stage and the difficulties it involved, describing the situation as exceptional. As one team, one hand, to prevent frustration and despair, and we are with the whole country and not with one group against another, or one against a team, and we are committed to the National Accord Document and the Constitution.” Mikati pointed out that Lebanon is in need of the Arab world, and what was cut off has arrived, and originally it has not been interrupted. He leaves again, but he will use it to contact international institutions to secure the basic needs of Lebanon. Nothing is perfect, perfection is for God alone. In response to a question about communication with Syria, Mikati said: We are working with anyone, except for Israel of course, for the sake of Lebanon and the national interest. He said, “I have negotiated with President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and the “Strong Lebanon” bloc will definitely give the government confidence.

Best achieved

On the other hand, Aoun affirmed that “the government will start addressing the concerns of the Lebanese, which is the best we have reached.” He said: We are suffering from a great siege, and the blocking third was a political war, and confidence will be given to the program that the government will present. We have reached a conclusion, and the government was formed, and we will begin to solve the basic problems, including gasoline, diesel and bread. He concluded by saying: The word hell was misinterpreted intentionally or out of ignorance, and today we live in hell, and the important thing is that we can get out of it, stressing that the relationship with Syria is inevitable.

Arab and international welcome

He continued to welcome the formation of the new government, as former Prime Minister Saad Hariri tweeted, via Twitter, saying: “Finally, after 13 months of emptiness, our country has a government. All support for President Mikati in the vital mission to stop the collapse and launch reforms.” Former Prime Minister Tammam Salam congratulated President Mikati on forming the government, and tweeted, “I congratulate President Najib Mikati on forming the new government, wishing him success in the national rescue mission with his team.” He also congratulated the Maronite Patriarch, Bechara Al-Rahi, who is in Budapest, on the formation of the new government. The head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, said that “what is needed now is a workshop and shortening the blessings for the birth of the government,” stressing the need to “work on serious negotiations with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and benefit from the Jordanian offer of electricity.” The head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, also welcomed, through his Twitter account, the birth of the new government, calling for reform.

The League of Arab States welcomed the formation of the new Lebanese government, noting that the hopes of the Lebanese are pinned on the formation of that government and the reform steps it will take within its constitutional powers, which will contribute to alleviating the economic and humanitarian crisis facing the people. The European Union also welcomed the formation of the new government, and the EU’s foreign affairs official, Josep Borrell said: The formation of the Lebanese government is the key to addressing the economic, financial and social crises that Lebanon is experiencing. Russia also welcomed the formation of the new government in Lebanon, stressing the importance of this step to overcome the problems facing Lebanon. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, considered the formation of the Lebanese government an important step, wishing Mikati to unite all segments of Lebanese society and succeed in solving the citizens’ daily problems.

Members of the new Lebanese government

Beirut: «The Gulf»

The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Mahmoud Makiya, announced the new government formation headed by Najib Mikati, which included the following names:

Bassam Mawlawi, Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Firas al-Abyad, Minister of Public Health, Nasser Yassin, Minister of Environment, Amin Salam, Minister of Economy, Youssef Khalil, Minister of Finance, Ali Hamiyah, Minister of Works, Abbas Haj Hassan, Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Mortada, Minister of Culture, Mustafa Bayram, Minister of Labor, Abbas Halabi Minister of Education and Higher Education, Issam Sharaf El-Din, Minister of the Displaced, Abdullah Abu Habib, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Johnny Corm, Minister of Communications, Walid Nassar, Minister of Tourism, George Kordahi, Minister of Information, Henry Khoury, Minister of Justice, Saadeh Al-Shami, Deputy Prime Minister, Walid Fayyad, Minister of Energy and Water, Maurice Selim, Minister of National Defense, Hector Hajjar, Minister of Social Affairs, Georges Claes, Minister of Youth and Sports, Najla Riachi, Minister of Administrative Development, and Georges Dabakian, Minister of Industry.

Makiya had initially announced the three decrees: accepting the resignation of Hassan Diab’s government, naming Mikati as prime minister, and forming the new government.


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