The movie “Frozen” turns into a musical, shown at a theater in London


Disney’s blockbuster animated movie “Frozen” arrived in London with its official opening on Wednesday as a West End musical on a newly renovated theater by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Oscar-winning film about royal sisters Anna and Elsa in the imagined kingdom of Arendelle has captured legions of young fans around the world since its release in 2013. It was adapted in 2018 into a Broadway play.

Now London has its own version of the musical, starring British actress Samantha Parks as Elsa and Dublin-born actress Stephanie McKeown as Anna.

Disney’s animated movie “Frozen”

McKeown, speaking to Reuters about her role as Beloved, said she was nervous at first but quickly found the character’s edge after adapting the character for the stage.

“The great thing about the play is that we are human beings, not cartoon characters, and we are able to prepare ourselves for roles,” she said, adding that she felt proud to be playing Anna.

Parks said she loved that Elsa wasn’t a typical Disney princess and that the two sisters’ relationship was the musical’s true love story.

“I hope the play has made people feel like they are on top of the world,” she added.

“I just hope they feel as if they are related to these characters.”

Actor Oliver Urmson, who plays bastard Hans, said he hoped the people who watched the show left him and their fans closer.

The musical, which began its demo in late August, is being shown at the Royal Drury Lane Theatre, which recently reopened after a two-year renovation and cost 60 million pounds ($82.51 million).

Veteran composer Lloyd Webber bought the theater in 2019.


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