The most important questions about the Apple Watch 7 about straps and colors


The Apple Watch 7 appeared at the last Apple conference, which was held in California, in the United States, several days ago.

The watch came with a slightly different design from the leaks that appeared around it for long periods, as the company abandoned the square edges that resemble the iPhone 12.

Instead, it relied on a stronger screen with no black bezels inside, making it larger than the old watches.

Not only did Apple change the size, but also launched a new set of colors for the Apple Watch 7 to make it distinct from the old versions.

The watch came with the support of a new charging technology that is faster than the past and is based on MagSafe technology.

Changing the size and colors of the new watch has caused a lot of questions around the Internet, so here are the answers to the most important questions.

Apple Watch 7 compatibility with old bands

While Apple has changed the watch’s screen size and screen design as well, it hasn’t changed the size of the supported straps.

So you can use any old strap you own, as long as it is newer than the fourth generation of the Apple Watch with the new watch.

And you should pay attention to the size of the watch, as the watch comes in two sizes as usual with all old watches, so you should get the right strap for the size of your watch regardless of its generation.

New Apple Watch sizes

The most important questions about the Apple Watch 7 about straps and colors

The new Apple Watch comes in two new sizes, 41mm and 45mm instead of the 40mm and 44mm.

The 41mm size belongs to the smaller watch size, so you can use smaller straps with it.

While you should use the larger strap size with the new 45mm Apple Watch.

These numbers refer to the height of the watch screen rather than its width, so you can use old straps that depend on the width with new watches.

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New watch colors

The seventh generation Apple Watch comes in five new colors, as follows:

  • midnight (replaces grey)
  • Starlight (replaces silver)
  • Green (color appears first)
  • Blue (slightly lighter than last year)
  • Red (with a shade slightly darker than last year)

You can get these new colors on the aluminum watch model, but the other models remain the same colors.

New charging technology in the watch

Apple relied on a new charger for the seventh generation Apple Watch, and this charger uses the USB C port to get power faster.

So you can use the new charger to take advantage of the fast charging technology that charges the watch to 80% in just 45 minutes.

This makes charging 33% faster in the seventh generation Apple Watch, compared to the previous generations of the watch.

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New Apple Watch release date

Apple has not announced a specific date for the launch of the new Apple Watch, only saying that you can get it later this year.

There have been a bunch of rumors previously about problems with the manufacture of the new watch and that we may not see it at all this year.

Apple has stated that the release date of the watch will be at the end of the fall, so we may see it in November or December this year.

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