The monument within the artistic community.. Someone impersonating the Egyptian artist by the name Ahmed Fahmy


Ahmed Fahmy

The artist Ahmed Fahmy warned his fans of someone impersonating him, and he contacted the Syrian singer Rasha Rizk and some girls in order to defraud them.

And he published a video, via “Instagram”, in which he warns his friends and fans against someone defrauding others by impersonating him, and he communicates via “WhatsApp”, where he said: “It reached me that there is someone impersonating me, whether on social media or sending people from A French number, according to the artist Rasha Rizk, she sent me and said that he contacted her, and told her that he was working on a film.

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Fahmy added: “I want to send a message to all people, with your permission, I do not communicate with anyone from the public except through my documented accounts on the social media, and other than that, I do not communicate with anyone by phone, and if I work as a technical work, there are competent authorities working to choose People and cast the work, and I ask everyone to be accurate, and to make a reboot for anyone who impersonates my name or any public figure.”


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