The Iraqi Oil Minister told CNBC Arabia: We aim to reach 4 billion cubic feet of gas production by 2025 | latest news


Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar said in an interview with CNBC Arabia on the sidelines of the Gastech 2021 conference that work is underway with the National Oil Company to accelerate the pace of exploration plans in the country, especially in the natural gas fields in western Iraq.

It is expected that Iraq will turn into an independent country in the energy file when exploratory drilling is completed, pointing to the country’s need to modify sources of income and raise its production capacity of natural gas.

The Minister of Oil added that the Basra Gas Company launched its 2021-2025 project with $3 billion to add capacity of 600 million standard cubic feet.

Abdul-Jabbar pointed out that other projects in northeastern Iraq aim to reach 4 billion cubic meters by 2025, and that government support would enable reaching 80% of the targets in terms of gas production and converting the energy produced in the country to clean or gas-based energy. .


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