The “hated” Griezmann… he left, and happiness settled in Barcelona’s dressing rooms!



Antoine Griezmann did not have happy days in Barcelona, ​​and it seems that it was not only on the sporting front, but also on the human side.

The Catalan newspaper “Sport” indicated in a report that “happiness” pervaded the Camp Nou locker room as soon as the news of Griezmann’s departure to Atletico Madrid reached.

Barcelona sent Griezmann to Roji Blancos on loan for two years for 10 million euros, with the Madrid club guaranteeing to pay his full salary.

The reason for the Barcelona players’ satisfaction and welcome for Griezmann is due to his statements before joining the Catalan club that he will never wear the Barca shirt, before retracting and joining in the summer of 2019.

Barcelona stars and locker room leaders have not forgotten this negative talk about Barcelona, ​​and they have always not considered Griezmann to be part of the team no matter how hard he tries.

The logical result was the player’s loss of self-confidence, which was made worse by the whistles that accompanied him in almost every game at the Camp Nou.

Atletico Madrid president: Griezmann was crazy to come back and would understand the fans’ attack

Upon the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona, ​​Griezmann was subjected to sharp criticism from the fans for considering him a reason to leave the flea because of his very high salary.

On this basis, it was logical that Griezmann would only consider returning to his “home” with Atletico Madrid, where he ensured the support of the fans and the locker rooms.

It is worth noting that Barca paid 125 million euros to sign Griezmann in the summer of 2019, but in 102 games he scored only 35 goals and made 17 others.


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