The harbor explosion in French textbooks… and nitrates too


The harbor explosion in French textbooks... and nitrates too


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The crime of the Beirut port explosion on August 4, 2020 is still imprinted in the global conscience, at a time when the required justice has not been achieved in Lebanon.

The event of the age entered the books of history and geography in the countries of the world, before the truth of ammonium nitrate was revealed, which burned Beirut, slaughtered its children and displaced hundreds of thousands.

What is new is this explosion from outside the borders this time, as the French educational approach included the issue of the port explosion in the history and geography book for the French baccalaureate class, where it dealt with the international humanitarian emergency that followed this disaster on all levels.

The French baccalaureate book also dealt with the danger of ammonium nitrate and the dangers it may cause in the places where it is stored, in Europe, specifically in France.


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