The granddaughter of “Kawkab Al Sharq” revives her grandmother’s masterpieces in an orchestral concert at Zamalek Theater (video)




Umm Kulthum’s granddaughter revives her grandmother’s masterpieces in an orchestral concert at Zamalek Theater

The Zamalek Theater will host a fragrant Kawkab Al Sharq concert, presented by Umm Kulthum’s granddaughter, singer Sana Nabil, on Friday evening.

Sana Nabil will revive Umm Kulthum’s spirit on the same stage where her grandmother sang in the past, during which she will present a classical musical evening from the masterpieces of Kawkab al-Sharq, in the style of the orchestra, in the first official concert for a member of the Umm Kulthum family.

This classic look comes at the beginning of the initiative to revive the heritage of the beautiful time, which aims to revive the masterpieces of the most famous icons of Egyptian art in the form of orchestral concerts, starting with the granddaughter of Umm Kulthum.

The event also comes in cooperation between the Zamalek Theater, led by the artist Tarek Sabry, and the French “Le Cord Croisette” orchestra, led by Maestro Mostafa Fahmy, and sponsored by “Sawt Al Qahirah” and “Reflect”.


Sana Jamil expressed her great enthusiasm for this concert, which represents her awe, responsibility and honor to carry the torch of her grandmother’s legacy, Umm Kulthum, by presenting an orchestral concert on the same stage on which she sang several times in the past.

She explained that she always feels proud that she belongs to the family of Kawkab Al-Sharq and always seeks to prove herself and her talent and that her voice is up to this responsibility.

For his part, the artist, Tariq Sabry, director of the Zamalek Theater, revealed that Umm Kulthum’s granddaughter’s concert comes in line with the artistic vision of the Zamalek Theater, which aims to present all musical tastes and lyrical colors to all audience groups between rap, rock, and even classical concerts, explaining that this concert will be the beginning of many nights of time. Al-Jameel during the coming period in line with the theater’s endeavor to raise public taste.

Source: Al-Ahram newspaper.


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