The future of smart food delivery from Talabat at Expo 2020


Dubai: «The Gulf»

GrubTech, the integrated service delivery platform for cloud kitchens and restaurants, has launched the first 3D-printed smart locker system, in a strategic partnership with food delivery platform Talabat, express e-commerce and the official food delivery service provider for Expo 2020.
The 3D-printed smart locker system provides Talabat customers with the option of contactless food delivery across the Expo 2020 pavilions. Customers will be able to place their orders on the Talabat app and be automatically notified via a text message once the order is deposited in the designated box inside the smart locker.
Once in the locker, customers will be able to scan a QR code directly from the app to open the chest.
Immensa Technology Labs, which specializes in 3D printing, has manufactured the GrubTech smart locker system using the latest technology to provide a robust and flexible solution that gives customers the confidence that their orders will be delivered safely and efficiently.
Each smart locker box is fitted with an electronic control circuit equipped with a proprietary technology designed and developed by GrubTech to support and adapt to any electronic device, allowing the companies involved to monitor and control the lockers from a distance. This technology provides Talabat with complete visibility from the start of the order to its delivery to the customer, in addition to providing a new level of control over the operations.
Smart Lockers will be strategically placed at the Expo 2020 site to provide a convenient experience for Expo visitors and staff.
The smart locker system enables restaurants and businesses to focus on achieving customer satisfaction and addressing operational challenges, helping them improve their operations by providing better driver guidance, mitigating labor and cost challenges, and improving bottom line results.
The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and highlighted consumers’ reliance on contactless online food delivery services. Findings from a study by Red Sea Research indicate that express commerce, defined as express delivery of orders from grocery stores, restaurants and darkroom stores, is currently driven by food delivery services, which contribute 85% of total express commerce sales. The study also revealed that express trade currently accounts for 20% of the region’s digital economy and is expected to contribute around $20 billion to the total value of merchandise by 2024.


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